Advanced Bail Bond Software Features

The following unique and advanced features are just some of the things that set Bail Bond Technologies Software above the pack:

  • National Bond Client Database™
    For the first time bail bond companies and bail enforcement agents have access to a National Bond Client Database™ that identifies not only defendants who have been charged, but whether they have been bonded.

  • Automatically Fills Related Fields
    Enter defendant information one time and the software takes care of re-entering the information on additional fields and forms.

  • Secure Login For Staff
    Each company and agent has a unique login and the software tracks who is logged in and what they do. Usernames and passwords are encrypted with MD5 encryption and even the website hosting company cannot see your credentials.

  • Seamless Transfer of Files to Bounty Hunters
    When and if the time comes to hire a bail enforcement agent all of the information, files, and executed forms can be sent with a click of one button.

  • Your Information Is Secure
    The system uses SSL encryption of all data from the beginning of your login to prevent interception. The data is stored in a Microsoft SQL database that is stored offline for additional security.