Bail Bond Technologies truly understands the bail bond industry. We were founded by professionals in the bail bond industry with more than 20 years of experience in the field, and our familiarity with the industry's processes and issues enabled the design of our software to truly address the needs of the bail bond industry.

During all those years of working for bail bond companies across the United States, we heard the same complaints repeatedly and ultimately created a solution. Our passion for the bail bond industry permeates our company and our relationship with our subscribers. This software is tailored to the specific needs of the bail bond industry, and our pledge is to listen to the suggestions of our subscribers as the software evolves. The goal at Bail Bond Technologies is to not only improve your business but also create useful technology that will appropriately serve the needs of the entire industry.

The way our software is designed, it becomes more and more powerful as more companies register. Our vision for the National Bond Client Database is to provide our subscribers with a true national database with millions of records available at the click of a mouse. We know this is only possible if we provide an excellent business management platform that will comprehensively serve the needs of bail bond companies. The software addresses the primary concerns and complaints within the bail bond industry developed during more than 15 years of research. Each feature has been thoroughly considered, and each function included in the software is intended to address one or more of the industry's limitations.

There has never been a software solution that fits the unique needs of the bail bond industry, but Bail Bond Technologies is providing that comprehensive solution. We believe the men and women in our industry are critical to improve public safety, and our software will lead to the more efficient and timely capture of fugitive defendants. What we want you to know is that Bail Bond Technologies isn't a software company. It's a company dedicated to improving the bail bond industry through smart, intuitive software designed with the input of hundreds of Bail Enforcement Agents and other voices in the industry. Our promise to our subscribers and the bail bond industry is to keep listening, improving, evaluating and updating to be sure that we are always providing you with exactly what you need.