NEVER BEFORE, has there ever been a software designed exclusively for the Bail Enforcement Agent or Industry!

Software designers don't have to track, apprehend and return a fugitive to custody. We have been in the industry for over 20 years. A person who understands the difficulties you have faced in doing our day to day job, and what is really needed to do your job safer, more accurately and with less liability to your client companies.

Our software will save you time, it will provide you the tools that you need, it will allow you to network, it will improve all areas of your business from basic record keeping to positive identification of your fugitive defendant in the field and much more.

Our Bail Enforcement Agent software is designed to work seamlessly on a national scale, within the network to provide you with many tools that we could only wish for in the past. And we have a defined road map to add additional technical tools and abilities in the near future.

Our goal in developing the first ever of its kind Bail Enforcement software is to allow for more efficient communication between Bail Bond Companies and Bail Enforcement Agents nationwide. To save the Agent time, money and effort in each case you work and to give you tools and resources, advice and help you may not have had access to in the past, so you can go home safely, while making more money with more information at your fingertips. Know that Bail Bond Technologies Inc. is a company owned by a veteran of the industry who will listen to your input, your suggestions, your concerns and will continue to make this the best program possible.